Cupcakes Are Not A Trend

birthday sprinkles cupcake

Article by Guest Blogger Cherie A. Thompson

There is some debate on whether or not the cupcake trend has come and gone. In my opinion, if you feel that the cupcake trend has gone, maybe it is because you are not eating the right cupcakes. There is something tantalizing about biting into a small cake with tongue tingling frosting on top. Cupcakes are a happy food and happiness is always in style. Take a bite into a delicious cupcake and you are sure to grin from ear to ear.

The Cupcake Delivers have cupcakes in all flavors and sizes. Whether you are a traditionalist when it comes to your cupcakes, like I am, and you prefer vanilla or chocolate cake with matching icing, they’ve got it. Want your coffee and eat coffee flavored cupcakes? They can help with that as well. They can even dress up cupcakes for party or for an important business event. Know someone that needs a smile? Just send them a box of The Cupcake Delivers cupcakes and watch the smiles appear. What better way to create happy memories than with cupcakes.

Memories and food seem to go together. Most of our fondest memories of our families take place around a table of food, whether it is for a holiday or a big family picnic. Somewhere on that table of food, there were always cupcakes to be eaten. Cupcakes and happiness go together and that is a trend that is here to stay.